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  • Klaus Ilmonen

Corporate Governance and Accountability (EBLR 5/2021)

Päivitetty: 4. marrask. 2021

The political environment of corporations has been evolving rapidly. There has been increasing pressure to hold corporations accountable for social, environmental and

political aspects of the business enterprise – even the very purpose of the corporation has been challenged.

The salience of corporate matters has increased overall as a result of changes in the political environment and an increasing awareness of corporate externalities. With the growing economic and political significance of corporations, corporate governance has emerged as a relevant framework for political action. these developments have affected the relationships among corporate constituencies and the boundaries of the corporate enterprise.

The article "Corporate Governance and Accountability in an Evolving Political Environment" (Klaus Ilmonen, European Business Law Review 5/2021) is based on a political approach to corporate governance, and considers the implications of the evolving corporate environment for the legal premises of corporate governance in an EU context. The article argues that current corporate structures may not reflect the requirements of the rapidly evolving political environment, and that it may be time to redefine the corporation.

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